Amber's Room
Cuarto mujeres adolescentes amber



Located in

Amber's house


San Diego, California

Amber's Room is Amber's bedroom located in the Amber's house, San Diego, California. This bedroom be made for Frenemies.


  • In all of the locations in the M.A.P. series and movies that umpload a photo.
  • Is the first place in Frenemies that is showed.
Frenemies poster

Quote: "Of best friends to worst enemies"

Media: Frenemies

Characters: Amber | Riley | Harry | Nathan | Miranda List | Max

Cast: Stefanie Scott | Bella Thorne | Peyton Meyer | Jack Griffo | Peyton List | Corey Folgemanis

Locations: Gardania High | Amber's Room

Songs: "Pose" | "Me & My Girls"

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